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Zodiac Clan Project Horizons by Vector-Brony
Zodiac Clan Project Horizons
At last I had some free time between jobs to make the Zodiac clan. Starting from left to right. 
Capricorn and Pieces. Tea sea-pony Sisters 
Cancer the security robot
Dr Zodiac, the founder of the Zodiacs
Aries the pony of fire
Virgo the filly prodigy to Dr Zodiac
Sagittarius The bow stallion and Leader of the clan
Aquarius the tactical colt.
Leo the hunter
Gem and Mini (Gemini)
 Fallout Equestria was written by kkat and Project Horizons is written by Somber


Aries and Aquarius Zodiacs by Vector-Brony
Aries and Aquarius Zodiacs
Here are two more of the Zodiacs. Aries and Aquarius went after Blackjack when she was with the Applebot and whilst Aquarius tracked Blackjack with a tracker in her tail Aries did a full out attack with her flame thrower and a grenade launcher. Blackjack just managed to stop Aries and gave Aquarius a hard spanking thell him "IT'S NOT NICE TO ATTACK SECURITY" 
These two were inspired by this FO:E:PH Aquarius and Aries Zodiac by IrkenGeneral Made by :iconirkengeneral:
Fallout Equestria was written by kkat and Project Horizons is written by Somber


Boutyhunter Woodchip (aka Deadsights) by Vector-Brony
Boutyhunter Woodchip (aka Deadsights)
I've been re-working my Oc Woodchip's FOE design. 
He was a knight in the Steelrangers of Trottingham when he caught a Paladin called Silver-tongue trading secrets and materials with a Gang leader and in the fight which ensued the Gang leader was killed and Silver-Tongue was put under arrest and was to face court-martial and execution. When his squad camped for th night they were attack by the rest of the gang who were out for revenge. Chips squad was overwhelmed and Silver-Tongue was freed. The gang then proceeded to Geld the stallions, Rape the mares and finally nail them to the surrounding ruins and finally kill them. Woodchip was half beaten to death and left for dead. As he slowly made his way back to the HQ when he heard over the Steelranger communications that Silver-tongue has claimed Woodchip to be the traitor and that he was now an outcast and their was now a 30,00 cap bounty for him dead. 

Woodchip left Trottingham taking up the alias of a Bounty Hunter and calling himself Deadsights. He helps the normal ponies trying to survive in the wasteland, fighting Raiders, slavers and the occasional monster and taking bounties to help him get by. His main weapon is a assault rifle with a mixture of AP (Armour Piercing) rounds and HV (High velocity) rounds. 
But his trademark weapons is his caster gun. It fires a selection of spells which are stored in Caster shells. The weapon was designed in a joint project with the Ministry of arcane technology and the Ministry of wartime technology to give Earth pony soldiers the ability to use spells on enemy Zebras on the battlefield. The big downside on the gun was it took a lot of energy from the user and they could use it maybe twice in a row before passing out.

Now Deadsight's roams the wasteland in the hope that one day his name will be cleared . 

Fallout Equestria was written by kkat 


I-02IS FOE Influx by Vector-Brony
I-02IS FOE Influx
This is I-02 IS. it is a MK2 mechanoid created by Project Infiltrator. Crystal Éclair was the MK1 design with organic components combined with artificial. Mk 2 have a Neural processor rather than a pony brain but they also lack the organic camouflage.
This was made for my friend  :iconcrystal-eclair:
  This story and characters are owned by :iconcrystal-eclair: I strongly advise going and reading the story and Subscribing to his page. 


Zodiac Virgo (Project Horizons) by Vector-Brony
Zodiac Virgo (Project Horizons)
Virgo was the first Zodiac to try and capture Blackjack and claim her bounty. Her plan was complicated and over elaborate and it lead to her losing and getting a bullet graze to the rump as a warning. She's obsessed with technology and Pipbucks and this is the reason I had her wearing one.

 Fallout Equestria was written by kkat and Project Horizons is written by Somber



Wishing You all a merry Christmas

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 20, 2014, 3:29 AM
Here is my Christmas video which features over 50 other Bronies I have come to know over these last two years 


The OC's featured belong to  
:iconvector-brony: :iconpaulysentry: :iconwinter-wondermare: :iconsibsy: :iconmandopony: :icongalaxyart: :iconlethalauroramage: :icontommyoliverdraws: :iconsmokeymcdaniel: :iconriquis101: :icontheshadowstone: :iconantonyc: :icongolden-fox19: :iconflutt3r5hy: :iconilovekimpossiblealot: :iconinkrose98: :iconanyponysfavorites: :iconmlp-silver-quill: :iconmy-star-seeker: :icondigibro: :iconshadesofeverfree: :iconseanwebcom: :iconaficionadoschris:  :iconfyre-flye: :iconlunais20percentcool: :iconeruanna: :iconhenmo24: :iconcloverkeen: :iconsweetie-bloom: :icondarkedge42: :iconcredechica4: :iconmangajag: :iconcosmicchrissy: :iconmad--munchkin: :iconpuzzlebrony: :iconbyter75: :iconflameamigo619: :iconeliyora: :iconcannedcream: :iconred-cord-player: :iconcrowneprince: :iconeilemonty: :iconequestrapology: :iconacrylicbrony: :iconsausesource: :iconpastanalysis: :iconpersianpoetess: :iconmorrisonnp: :iconbucbrony: :iconmemj0123: :iconagrol: :icondrwolf010: :iconjoshscorcher:


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